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Group Therapy

OpenMinds is excited to offer Group Therapy services to the community. Group therapy is a dynamic approach to the stresses and struggles of mental health that allows you to interact with other people going through similar experiences as you. OpenMinds provides the space, a trained clinician, and refreshments; all you have to do is show up! 

We currently offer the following groups at this time. 


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
(DBT) for Adolescents

Is your teen facing issues related to managing difficult emotions, tolerating distress, and engaging in unhealthy coping strategies. DBT focuses on building healthy coping skills to improve relationships and build a life worth living.


Adolescents ages 14-17 years old


When & Where: 

Thursdays 4-5pm in-person: 1919 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 virtual via Zoom



$200 for 4-week commitment ($50 per session)

$100 for brief intake appointment


Facilitator: Victoria Brier, AMFT

Supervised by: Alessandra Fleming, PsyD


We are currently accepting clients who are currently in or have been in therapy recently and can make a minimum 4-week commitment. The group cycles through different modules and client’s can enter at the beginning of each 4-week cycle. This group will require a brief intake appointment as part of the screening process for the group. The purpose of the intake is to collect important background information, determine appropriate fit for the group, and orient you to the group structure and expectations.

Parenting Teens with Intense Emotions:
Virtual Masterclass for Parents

Are you a parent struggling to support your teenager through emotional challenges? Join our 4-week virtual masterclass for parents, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to guide your child through adolescence. Each week, engage in role-play exercises, real-life scenarios, and live Q&A sessions for personalized guidance from an experienced therapist.


This masterclass is a comprehensive guide to understanding and managing your teen's emotions, fostering a resilient, harmonious family dynamic. Enroll today for a transformative journey to become an emotionally resilient parent.

When & Where: 

Mondays 12-1pm virtual via Zoom

Wednesdays 9-10am virtual via Zoom

**If a different time is requested by a sufficient number of participants, we may accommodate those preferences.



$180 for 4-week series


Facilitator: Victoria Brier, AMFT

Supervised by: Alessandra Fleming, PsyD

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